Natoma Corporation is a precision CNC contract manufacturer centrally located in Norton, Kansas.  We manufacture custom precision machined parts from a variety of materials.  Currently, our company contracts to several different industries, including aerospace, medical, electronics, communication, energy, and environmental; however, we are not limited to these and can and have manufactured parts for other industries.  We maintain ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certifications and strictly adhere to their standards.  Natoma Corporation personnel have a personal commitment to understand, meet, and, whenever possible, exceed our customerís requirements through the continuous improvement of our skills, capabilities, quality processes, and management system.  We are dedicated to delivering defect-free products on time at the most competitive prices possible.


We are located just east of Norton on Highway 36 (map below provided by .  Visitor and shipping/receiving entrances to our facilities are located on the east side of the building.  Including all additions, our facilities' current size is over 70,000 square feet.  Below is an elevated view of the center of our shop floor.  During 2011 and years to follow, a 30,000 square foot expansion will be outfitted; allowing a great deal of new space for CNC machinery, quality assurance, our saw department, as well as new receiving area and much more.



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Natoma Corporation was started in 1982 by founder and President Gail Boller.  Since then, it has had four separate additions.  The addition in 2005 nearly doubled the size of the building; and our most recent addition in 2010 increased it by 75%.  Each one has allowed space for more CNC machines to manufacture and inspect parts with.  Expansions have also allowed for larger departments, more equipment, and logical workflow placement for quality assurance, finishing, tooling, and other departments, allowing Natoma Corporation to generate products with the best possible precision and speed.


Take a look at the pictures below depicting the Natoma Corporation building over the past and up to its current state.



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