One of Natoma Corporation's greatest strengths is precision.  Our technicians and the machines they operate are capable of producing extremely precise parts.  Under almost any conditions, the mill department can reliably hold tolerances of .0002 inches, while our lathe department can hold as close as .0001 inches; these include lengths, depths, thickness, diameter, and about any other type of measurement.  Visit our Inspection page to find out more about how we insure such tolerances are held.


Production Processes
We offer an assortment of production and post-production processes to fit customers' needs.  Below is a small list of our most common processes.

Machining - From raw material, Natoma Corporation's technicians can mill, drill, turn, cut, bore, thread, ream, and chamfer to create a product meeting your precise specifications.  We have a large number of endmills, drills, inserts, taps, boring bars, reamers, and other tools on hand, but can quickly order any uncommon tools our customers' parts may require or use specialized tools provided by them.

Equipment - Natoma Corporation owns a variety of precision production machines.  Our mill section is comprised of a number of vertical mills, many with a full 4th axis and one with a 5th axis (3+2), along with a pair of horizontal mills.  We also have several super-precision and swiss lathes as well as a couple 7-axis mill turning centers.  Our Production Equipment page has all the details.

Finishing - Our finishing department's current capabilities include chemical conversion coating to MIL-C-5541 and MIL-DTL-5541F, type I and type II as well as Passivation to SAE AMS2700 and ASTM A967.  When other plating is required, it is subcontracted to approved special processing suppliers.

Hardware and Assembly - Our special operations department offers the capability to handle other post-production processes.  Helicoils, pressed pins, and bolts are just a few of the inserts we work with.  Additionally, if we manufacture or are provided with multiple parts for the same final product, our staff can assemble as much as is requested.


Our shop is capable of manufacturing small products made from almost any material used by the industries we serve; from common metals and exotic alloys to plastics and other synthetic material.  While a general majority of the parts we produce are various grades of aluminum, we also work with steel, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, tungsten, ductile iron, brass, copper, Moldstar, bronze, nylon, Ryton, polypropylene, polycarbonate, Teflon, Lexan, Delrin, phenolic, polyurethane, polysulfone, and more.



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