A large array of inspection equipment and facilities allow both machine operators and quality assurance personnel to accurately check any part we produce.


Quality assurance inspectors as well as machinists use calipers, micrometers, pins, thread gages, and other handheld tools to measure products.  We also have stationary measuring devices and utilities such as height gages, a manual CMM, and comparators, all frequently used by our personnel.  The CNC measuring machines are operated and programmed by the trained quality assurance staff to assure accurate and efficient measurement.  All tools are calibrated on a regular basis by either an in-house calibrator or, for larger or more complex equipment, reputable 3rd party calibration organizations.

Machinists inspect their parts as they come out of their production machine, but our inspectors periodically obtain parts from each machine in the shop to do thorough testing.  Additionally, once an order of products is complete, a sample of the parts is thoroughly inspected after being deburred and cleaned, and again after plating or other secondary procedures, if applicable.  These rigorous inspection procedures assure that our customers will be satisfied with their orders.


All measuring tools and machines are kept under regular calibration schedules by qualified internal and/or external calibration technicians to ensure accurate measurement.  The CNC equipment is kept in a controlled environment to prevent temperature or humidity from affecting measurements on critical dimensions or certain materials.


We have several optical comparators in the shop.  Below is one of our Starrett® comparators.

Our Starrett® Galileo™ AV350 and AV612-5 video measuring systems allow for quick, intricate, and accurate measurement of complicated parts.

Natoma Corporation has relied on our Browne & Sharpe® CMM to accurately measure in three dimensions for years. The Wenzl LH87 CMM with Renishaw PH20 probe head allows for nearly infinite rotation, allowing for all sorts of measurements. The Zeiss Accura II is our most accurate CMM and uses MASS technology, allowing us to use a huge variety of probe heads.


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Below is the new facility constructed for Quality Assurance in 2013.  It was designed with current procedures in mind to create an efficient workflow while securely separating the area into three sections, each essentially having different personnel clearance.
The first photo shows the exterior view of the QA area within the 2010 addition to our facility.  The second photo shows the primary QA room, containing the workspaces of our inspectors and most handheld tools.  The third photo shows the machinists' inspection room, which houses most of our comparators and several other tools that are available to all but must be kept in a controlled environment for optimal measuring.  The fourth photo shows the CNC lab, where our vision and CMM machines as well as the programmers that run them are located.





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