A variety of software is used during the process of producing parts for customers.

GibbsCAM is used to assist in programming mills as well as drafting. As its title suggests, it is a computer-aided manufacturing software. It is capable of working with and creating geometry, tool paths, processing, post processing, and more.
Visit the GibbsCAM website here.

SolidWorks is used in drafting as well. It is a software designed for computer-aided design, and also incorporate motion simulation, assembly, and other data management and communication tools.
Visit the SolidWorks website here.

QuadraCheck is used in conjunction with our Starrett vision machines. This software distinguishes features of a part two-dimensionally using the vision system's lights and camera eye, which can detect varying levels of light and darkness, and allows measurement of and between those features.
Visit the QuadraCheck website here.

The latest version of Nikon CMM Manager is used with our Brown & Sharpe and Wenzl CMMs. This software interprets the inputs from the probes on the CMM machine and constructs measurable three-dimensional features and can even measure based on IGS files.
Visit the CMM Manager website here.



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